As Tallinn Summer School differs from other schools because as well as presenting the best Estonian specialists, offering Estonian language lessons at the highest level and introducing participants to the finest aspects of our local culture, we also integrate a wide range of internationally acclaimed academics, opinion leaders and intellectuals into our summer school programme.

Language Cources

Language Courses

Estonian Language

Estonian Language

Summer course in Estonian Language and Culture offers an opportunity to study an unusual and entrancing language.
Russian Language.thumb

Russian Language

A unique bridge to the Russian language and culture.
English Language.thumb

English Language

The course is intended to build the fundamental elements of the language.

Chinese Language For Beginners II

The course includes both language (Standard Mandarin Chinese) classes as well as short introduction to Chinese culture.


Creative Courses


Becoming an Animated Film Maker: Story & Character

The course gives you a ‘ready-to-pitch’ package of your own short animated film concept.

Cinematic Narration

This course introduces the development of film language and cinematic narration in its many-sided forms.
Digital Photography

Creating Your Own Photo Story

During this summer school course participants will learn how to tell visual stories that have an emotional impact on the viewer.
Creative Psychotherapy.thumb

Creative Psychotherapy

This course introduces creative psychotherapy to those seeking a deeper understanding of the dynamics of creativity and human behaviour.

Creative Writing in English

This course will help you get started as a writer, or develop as a writer.

Crossmedia Production. Spreading a Story the Multimedia Way!

The course aims to equip students with a good understanding of crossmedia and its common strategies.
Digital Filmmaking

Digital Filmmaking

The participants will acquire a thorough knowledge of the basics of filmmaking.

Jewellery Workshop

A practical course on jewellery making.

Voice Games

Music workshop developing one's creativity through the usage of voice.

Courses in Educational Sciences

Mare Balticum

Doctoral Summer School in Curriculum Studies

A short course introducing the history and current state of curriculum studies.

Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences

Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences


Cyberspace, Resilience, and Global Power

The summer course aims to give participants a better comprehension of resilient societies and a better understanding of Cyber politics and power.
Online Media.thumb

Information and Knowledge Management in Digital Environment

The course focuses on the effective gathering, organisation, storage, creating, sharing, using and website dissemination of information and knowledge within organisations.

International Financial Law, Regulations, and the Global Financial Crisis

The course explores the global financial crisis, identifies the actors in financial markets and examines how international financial markets are regulated.
Social Work.thumb

Social Work and Social Policy Issues at the International Level: Challenges, Contradictions and Solutions

A social work course consisting of lectures and seminars/workshops, excursions to social welfare institutions and to Pärnu

Urban Youth and Social Acceleration

Short course exploring youth dynamics by localising them in urban settings.

Courses in Natural Sciences and IT


Design of Serious Games

A one-week course in designing and developing serious games.
New Media 2.thumb

Experimental Interaction Design

A two-week energetic hands-on workshop in experimental interaction design of web, mobile and specialized hardware user interfaces.

Innovative Use of Natural Construction Materials

A short course introducing ecological planning, with practical assignment of creating an object out of natural materials.

Research methods in HCI

The overarching aim of this summer school course is to improve participants’ understanding of significant research methods commonly or increasingly used in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

Russian language cources

Courses in Russian

Globalisation in Plural.thumb

Международный территориальный брендинг

Планируемый учебный экспресс-курс на русском и английском языках пройдет в формате научно-практического дискурса, максимально приближенного к реалиям современной международной конкуренции.

Estonians have one of the biggest collections of folk songs in the world