As Tallinn Summer School differs from other schools because as well as presenting the best Estonian specialists, offering Estonian language lessons at the highest level and introducing participants to the finest aspects of our local culture, we also integrate a wide range of internationally acclaimed academics, opinion leaders and intellectuals into our summer school programme. 

Please note that this is the preliminary list of courses! Information on new courses will be available shortly. There might be changes in course titles, dates and prices.


Language Cources

Language Courses

Estonian Language

Estonian Language

Summer course in Estonian Language and Culture offers an opportunity to study an unusual and entrancing language.
Russian Language.thumb

Russian Language

A unique bridge to the Russian language and culture.
English Language.thumb

English Language

The course is intended to build the fundamental elements of the language.
English Language.thumb


The ImprovEnglish course is designed to give students with an existing knowledge of English a deep grounding in practical speaking.

Chinese Language for Beginners

The course includes both language (Standard Mandarin Chinese) classes as well as short introduction to Chinese culture.


Creative Courses

Creative Psychotherapy.thumb

Creative Psychotherapy

This course introduces creative psychotherapy to those seeking a deeper understanding of the dynamics of creativity and human behaviour.

Creative Writing in English

This course will help you get started as a writer, or develop as a writer.

Crossmedia Production. Spreading a Story the Multimedia Way!

The course aims to equip students with a good understanding of crossmedia and its common strategies.

Storytelling Tallinn: Photostory. Animation. TV-news.

We invite you to discover Tallinn and form your impressions into animations, photostories and TV-news.
Digital Filmmaking

Your Own Shortfilm

The participants will acquire a thorough knowledge of the basics of filmmaking.

Courses in Educational Sciences


Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences

Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences

Online Media.thumb

Information and Knowledge Management in Digital Environment

The course focuses on the effective gathering, organisation, storage, creating, sharing, using and website dissemination of information and knowledge within organisations.

Power of Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism course is an introduction to online journalism, citizen media and the use of social networks.

Courses in Natural Sciences and IT


Design of Serious Games

A one-week course in designing and developing serious games.
New Media 2.thumb

Experimental Interaction Design

A two-week energetic hands-on workshop in experimental interaction design of web, mobile and specialized hardware user interfaces.

Russian language cources

Courses in Russian

Digital Filmmaking

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