Update 6 May 2020: Tallinn Summer School can not arrange any accommodation in July 2020!

Tallinn Summer School arranges accommodation for foreign participants.

The booking for the Tallinn University student hostel goes through Tallinn Summer School. Once you have filled in the registration form and chosen to stay at the hostel, a place will be booked for you. You don’t have to make a separate booking yourself.

Tallinn University International Student Hostel

Address: Karu 17, Tallinn

You can see more pictures on Tallinn University Student Hostel´s page (in Estonian ).

The hostel is close to Old town and 5 minutes walk from university campus.
Double and triple rooms.

Booked period: July 11 – August 2, 2020.

International student hostel has WiFi, shared kitchen, shared shower and WC, bed-linen, possibility to use washing machine (extra charge), but no cleaning service.

Prices in 2020:
188 EUR for three weeks (one place in a double/triple room)
140 EUR for two weeks (one place in a double/triple room)
108 EUR for 7-10 days (one place in a double/triple room)

Unfortunately, there are no single rooms available. Outside the booked period the price is 15 euros per night. If you would like to stay for a couple of nights outside the booked period, this fee can also be paid on spot.

No invoice will be issued for accommodation, unless asked for! The payment can be made without an invoice, but if you need one for your university or for some other reason, please contact Tallinn Summer School team tss@tlu.ee.

Full prepayment is requested. The payment should be made in Euros and without charges to the beneficiary. As the number of places is limited, the payment should be made within 14 days after receiving the confirmation e-mail from Tallinn Summer School. Placement will be based on the order of payment (first-come, first-served) so your place will only be finalized after we have registered the payment.

The student hostel does not automatically send out confirmations about receiving the payment! However, no bookings will be cancelled without first notifying the participant. In case you have made your payment and haven’t been contacted, then everything is in order with your payment.

In order to make a transfer you will need the following transfer details:

Beneficiary – MTÜ Dormitorium
IBAN – EE382200221048054622
Bank: Swedbank / Liivalaia 8 / 10118 / Tallinn / Estonia
Please mark in the Details field: Your name, or the name of the person staying in the hostel (in case the payment is made by someone else).

You can also use TransferWise for making the payment, the transfer fees are lower when the payment goes through them.