As Tallinn Summer School differs from other schools because as well as presenting the best Estonian specialists, offering Estonian language lessons at the highest level and introducing participants to the finest aspects of our local culture, we also integrate a wide range of internationally acclaimed academics, opinion leaders and intellectuals into our summer school programme.

Please note that this is the preliminary list of courses, there might be changes in the programme and course details! The full programme will be available in December 2017.

Language Courses

Estonian Language

Dates: 9-27 July 2018        Price: 490€ / 440€*

Russian Language

Dates: 9-27 July 2018       Price: 490€ / 440€*

English Language

Dates: 9-27 July 2018     Price: 400€ / 350€*


Dates: TBC       Price: 320€ / 270€*

Creative Courses

Creative Psychotherapy

Dates: TBC      Price: 450€ (2 weeks) / 250€ (1 week)

Creative Writing in English

Dates: TBC      Price: 350€ / 300€*

Storytelling, Comics and Illustrations

Dates: TBC        Price: 300€


Dates: 9-27 July 2018        Price: 615

Gamification Workshop

Dates: 16-20 July 2018    Price: 250€ / 200€*

Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences

Know Thyself: On the Essence of the Human Mind

Dates: 9-13 July 2018     Price: 295€ / 245€*

Edible Estonia: Gems of Traditional Estonian Cuisine

Dates: 22-27 July 2018    Price: 445€ / 395€*

Information and Knowledge Management in Digital Environment

Dates: 9-13 July 2018      Price: 300€ / 250€*

The Formation of Global Norms in a Changing World Order

Dates: TBC      Price: 350€ 

Social Enterprises: Using Your Creativity and Sensitivity

Dates: 9-13 July 2018    Price: 250€ / 200€*

Courses in Natural Sciences and IT

Design of Serious Games

Dates: 9-13 July 2018      Price: 250€ / 200€*

Experimental Interaction Design

Dates: TBC   Price: 450€ / 350€*

Estonian Language Online Course

Estonian Language Online Course

Dates:  January 8 – March 18, 2018                   Price: 100€

* Price for students


1) Archimedes offers foreign students free places on courses in Estonian Language and Culture at summer schools organised by Estonian universities. The free place includes tuition, the cultural programme and accommodation in the least expensive double room. The applicant must cover the costs of travel to and from the course, and meals. More information is available on the Archimedes’ website. Please note that the scholarship is only for students who are already learning Estonian.

2) Estonian Governmental Scholarships. The scholarships are intended to support participation in summer courses of Estonian language and culture as well as in courses of summer and winter schools related to the English-language curricula of degree study in Estonia. Read more on the Study in Estonia website.

3) In order to guarantee their participation in Tallinn Summer School, students can also turn to their home institutions or local funding authorities.