Non-Degree / Dates: 10-14 July 2017

We invite you to discover Tallinn and form your impressions into storytelling, comics and illustrations. During the week you will receive a quick introduction about basic rules and practice of storytelling, comics, illustration. The course will employ hands-on learning and each participant will create their own story with comics or illustration.

Preliminary schedule

Every day from 10:00 to 13:45, followed by independent work from 15:00 to 16.30.

In the afternoons following language classes, specialised lectures and discussions will take place. Read more about Cultural Programme.

Day 1


Screenplay format(s) and writing software; a good story well told; building a step-outline.

Basics of narrative and dramaturgy: character, catalysis, outer conflict (and suspense), climax (and catharsis)

Day 2

Character development, trauma, dilemma, theme and (moral) meaning.

Dramatic irony, situational irony, irony of fate.

Day 3

Humor. Dialogue. Orchestration. Metaphor.

Comics and Illustration

Character design. Drawing without drawing. Quick tasks / Developing
your own story.

Day 4

Storytelling specifics in comics. Theory and practice. / Developing
your own story.

Day 5

Environment design and composition. / Developing your own story.

Important: No preliminary drawing skills needed!


The course is open to all people with an interest in the ways of different creative expressions and how to create and illustrate a story. No previous experience is required.

Credit points