Non-Degree / Dates: 12-16 July 2021

Update April 2021: The course will take place online, more information here.

We invite you to discover Tallinn and form your impressions into storytelling, comics and illustrations. During the week you will receive a quick introduction about basic rules and practice of storytelling, comics, illustration. The course will employ hands-on learning and each participant will create their own story with comics or illustration.

Why this course?

  • This course develops your self-expression, creativity and innovative storytelling skills.

  • You will create your own story with comics or illustration.


Veiko Vaatmann, MA Film, Scriptwriting

Joonas Sildre, BA Graphic Design, MA Student of Digital Learning Games



Monday, 10:00-14:15

Introducing the goal. Script planning and formatting. Comic script and layout creation software.

Narrative and Dramaturgy: What are the compelling stories (well-told good stories)? Character, event, time-space. Brief introduction and comparison of long and short story structures.

Pitching ideas and feedback. Assigning a homework assignment (writing a script or a plot outline).

Tuesday, 10:00-14:15

Homework Review / Feedback.

Long structure. Creating empathy for the character, main conflict, character development, catharsis, and creating a message.

Short structure: fatal mistake, anagnorisis, dramatic irony, situational irony.

Assigning homework (finishing the scenario and creating a layout based on it).

Wednesday, 10:00-14:15

First half of the day: Homework Review / Feedback.

Writing dialogue. Metaphor (creation of metaphor scene).

Comics and Illustration

Character design. Drawing without drawing.

Second half of the day: Character design. Practical theory of composition. The task is to develop your story as a visual design.

Thursday, 10:00-14:15

Creating the environment. Color teaching. Visual narration. Create storytelling in a comic strip. Storyboard theory. Review your homework. Finishing and forming your story.

Friday, 10:00-14:15

An overview of digital drawing techniques. Practical tips for the future. Weekly review, general and personal feedback.

Important: No preliminary drawing skills needed!


The course is open to all people with an interest in the ways of different creative expressions and how to create and illustrate a story. No previous experience is required.

Credit points


Course fee

280 EUR.

Accommodation and meals are not included in the price.

"I was able to do a whole comic in 5 days. The teachers give constructive feedback and take time for the students to help them with their story and give ideas for the realisation."

Christina Bornberg, Austria
Storytelling, Comics and Illustrations #tss2019

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