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Creative Psychotherapy (295.00 EUR)
Creative Writing in English (400.00 EUR, for students: 350.00 EUR)
Design of Serious Games (300.00 EUR, for students: 250.00 EUR)
Educational Innovation: What is Behind the PISA Results (330.00 EUR)
English Language (400.00 EUR)
Estonian Language (490.00 EUR)
Experimental Interaction Design (450.00 EUR, for students: 350.00 EUR)
Gamification Workshop (300.00 EUR, for students: 250.00 EUR)
Improv.English (320.00 EUR)
Information and Knowledge Management in Digital Environment (300.00 EUR)
Introduction to Canine Cognition, Behaviour and Human-Animal Interactions (640.00 EUR)
Know Thyself: On the Essence of the Human Mind (295.00 EUR)
Learning and Development Across Cultures
Russian Culture in Estonia and Beyond (250.00 EUR)
Russian Language (490.00 EUR)
Shortfilm (615.00 EUR)
Storytelling Tallinn: Photostory. Animation. TV-news. (280.00 EUR)
Storytelling, Comics, Illustrations (250.00 EUR)
The Formation of Global Norms in a Changing World Order (400.00 EUR)
No course