Non-Degree / Dates: TBC

The short course organised by Baltic Film and Media School aims to provide a good understanding of crossmedia and its practices and to challenge the students in a practical outcome.

During the course participants will create multiple websites, will produce videos, will use QR codes, will take photographs and will play with the art of creating engaging narratives across platforms. The outcome of the course will be an experience such an ARG, spreading online and in the real world, that will be played at the end of the five days, on the evening of Friday 14th of July.


Every day from 10am to 3.15pm, followed by independent work from 4pm to 7pm.

Day 1

The first day will be an intensive introductory lecture to crossmedia and transmedia storytelling. The lesson will explain the field terminology and will provide a number of examples to support the understanding of the young phenomena of  producing  media and creative content across platforms.

Day 2

The second day  will be divided in two parts.

In the morning participants will listen to a lecture about how to develop and produce engaging experiences across platforms. The lesson will discuss  the concept of audience engagement and will introduce Henry Jenkins’ seven principles of transmedia storytelling.

The afternoon will take the form of a workshop where participants will start brainstorming on the development of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) as the final outcome of the course.

Day 3

During the third day  participant will develop the narrative of the final ARG. The class will be divided in small groups dealing with different aspects of the production.

Day 4

Day four will continue from day three. In the morning we will analyse the progress of the previous day to then  continue on the production tasks.

Day 5

The morning of the fifth day will be dedicated to the final tuning of the ARG followed by a general rehersal.

In the evening: The ARG will be played with Tallinn University Summer School’s participants (expected around 30 participants). The crossmedia production team will work as facilitators of the game helping the participants to go trough the tasks produced  for the online and offline adventure.

Note: all course participant should expect an intensive but fun week ending on Friday late evening !

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The participant should have an interest in cross platform communication applied for a number of reasons such as entertainment, politics, commerce and social causes. The course is limited to 25 participants. Participants will be asked to come to the course with a laptop, if possible with a video and audio recording device (photocamera, tablet, smartphone etc.) and with a good dose of creativity! No previous experience is required.

Credit points