Chinese Martial Arts Workshop

July 10 – July 28, 2017

The course will introduce the philosophy of Chinese martial arts as well as basic ideas of attack and defense. Wushu, or the art of war, is a very old tradition in Chinese culture and it is closely related to such practices as Buddhism and Daoism. Its roots go far into history and begin several thousands of years ago in Chinese monasteries, were monks practiced special exercises to grow spiritually, stay fit and protect their homes. These historically secret techniques are now spreading around the world and gaining popularity in those, who want to develop their body and spirit.

The styles you will learn are Chang quan and Wubu quan. Lessons are taught by a Chinese master in Chinese and English during the 3 week course.


14.00 – 15.30

The course takes place in Tallinn University’s main campus (Narva Street 25). First gathering is at 13.50 in the lobby of the Terra building (Narva Street 25).

Course fee

The fee for workshop is 25 EUR.

Registration form is available here 

NB! If you want to take part in only martial arts workshop, please choose “No course” on the first page of registration form.